Through Pamela’s special gift of helping others, she also offers spiritual counseling as a means of assistance and support. During her spiritual counseling sessions she uses her intuitive abilities to assist others in finding the spiritual answers to which they are seeking. Her methods are based on the experience of personal transformation through self awareness and love. She serves as a guide to awaken you to the wisdom, insight and knowledge to improve your life situations and to further your personal and spiritual growth.

The spiritual guidance you will receive from Pamela will not only show you how to make changes within yourself and your life experiences, it will also help you discover the truth and divine light within yourself.

When one looks deep within oneself and finds that emotions or issues have not been addressed properly, they also often realize that because of this, imbalances result within the body; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To determine if areas in your life need balancing, ask yourself:

Do you find certain life situations are often challenging for you?

Are there areas of your life you are unhappy or even angry about?

Are you experiencing mixed emotions or unbalanced emotional states?

Have you been refusing to deal with certain long standing problems?

Are there issues from your past that you feel need to be released?


If you have answered any of the above questions with a yes response, perhaps you should consider spiritual counseling as a means of helping you learn ways to create harmony, love and happiness in all levels of your body and your life.

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