Pamela Nine hosts Small Group Counseling Session Events at her office and alternate locations for a private gathering of up to 6 people for Intuitive Messages From Spirit. This event is 2 1/2 – 3 hours in duration, which allows time for overall group interaction as well as for each group member to receive personal time and information from Pamela. Beverages and snacks are also served. The normal cost of this Small Group Event is $700.00, and for a limited time it is being offered at a Special Discount of $500.00.


To schedule a date for a Small Group Counseling Event with Pamela, at her office, or if you are interested in hosting a Small Group Counseling Event at an alternate location, please contact Pamela’s Nine Wellness Office at the contact information below.

Office Telephone:  865-531-9086

Office Email:  Contact Page Link