“On November 18, 2015, I made an appointment and visited Pamela, there were so many things I wanted to know about, specifically 1) about my brother’s passing and 2) if my daughter and her family would be relocated out of state due to my son-in-laws job. The moving out of state had been sorta ‘up in the air’.

My reading from Pamela was amazing. Even though I knew how my brother’s passing took place, she told me exactly what happened and how. My brother and I had a mutual friend for many, many years. He and she stayed in contact from a teenager up through his 40’s I suppose. Pamela asked me at my visit about the name Susan…it had been so many years since I had talked to Susan that she didn’t enter my mind at the time…here I am three months later, last Friday night, I had gone by the grocery store before coming in for the evening. I came in, took off my coat and started to put groceries away, but first I checked my caller ID….OMG there was a missed call from our old friend Susan Tucker. At the time it still had not dawned on me, I wasn’t even thinking about my conversation with Pamela until later in my conversation with Susan. I was telling her (Susan) about my visit with Pamela and some the things she had touched on concerning my brother. The next morning, I went to the laundry room to throw some clothes in the dryer and it hit me, I went and grabbed the piece of paper that Pamela had written her notes on and there it was where she had written Susan’s name down three times. Wow, the amazing feeling you have when you get validation.

After reviewing her notes, I also see where she had written down (and told me) that my daughter and her family would be relocating in March or May of this year. My son-in-law had taken the offer and here it is February and on March 4th they will be closing on their house and moving mid March.

My visit with Pamela was such an amazing experience. She is so in touch with the other side and such a lovely lady. I will be going back to see her again”
– Joy Lloyd, Knoxville, TN