“I have seen Ms. Nine off and on since our initial meeting, most recently about one time per month. She has given me a lot of insight regarding different aspects of my life, as well as my husband, and kids. I have talked in length about my father who has passed, a selling of a home, buying a new home, and health related questions.

We were having troubles with the sale of our home. The Realtor we had was not working out and we felt stuck. She wasn’t showing our house, she wasn’t advertising our house, she wouldn’t answer phone calls, and it was a horrible situation. Through the information we received from Pamela we changed Realtors, we made changes to the house, we lowered the price, and we followed the advice to a T and sold our home within NINE days!!!

We had some questions regarding some land we wanted to purchase, so we talked to Pamela about the concerns. We had an ongoing contract, but because of some restrictions were out of hope to make this land work. She told us that we should offer less money, so we did. The owner accepted. We were also told that there shouldn’t be any foreseeable problems with any restrictions on the property. Thanks to Pamela we have the land we wanted.

My husband was working in a job that he hated to go to everyday. On one of our meetings with Ms. Nine we discussed his career paths. We were told that he would be offered a better job with better benefits and better money. Also, he would be a lot happier at this job. Within a few months he was offered a better opportunity and was quitting his old job. He has never been happier!!!!!

Any time that I have a life changing question in my life, I will always consult with Ms. Nine.”
– Jamie Williams, Knoxville, TN