“A few years ago I began the “search” many of us ultimately go through: trying to find peace, fulfillment and direction in life. I delved into many esoteric healings and teachings with a wide variety of people. It was only Pamela that brought me to the truth that all I need is already within me, not outside of me. That’s a simple but deeply profound lesson that she, with her compassion, patience and astounding skills, was able to truly open me to. It’s perhaps the biggest gift anyone has ever given me.”

“Pamela is now the only person I will go to for readings and counseling, because there remains no doubt in my mind that her abilities are to be ultimately trusted. She has always pointed me in the right direction on career, relationships and finances. Time has proven that she has never been off the mark. Her gentle assistance has also been remarkably astute and accurate regarding information from and about family members that have passed on, signs and signals to watch for, what my strengths and challenges are at any particular time, and more. Pamela is definitely “tuned in” to things the rest of us let pass by.”

I strongly recommend that you allow yourself the privilege of meeting Pamela. Go skeptical, if you have to, but go. You’ll quickly find it to be one of the most enlightening and exciting experiences of your life!”
– Coby Gordon, Knoxville, TN