” My life seemed to be standing still. I was in physical pain daily. I was fearful and unsure of my place in life. I was distraught over the losses I had suffered. I was at a crossroads. Pamela simply cured me and gave me back the freedom I once had over my life. I am now in control of my health once again, along with my finances and my life’s path. I feel divine flow; I am living divine flow! I urge any of you considering the services of Pamela to jump in with both feet. Just after one session she has cleaned and lifted my spirit and I know he will do the same for you. She provided information from my father, who passed almost five years ago, with such clarity that it was pleasantly numbing and all of it was validated. I know that I have struggles ahead, but I also know that I am surrounded by spirits of loved ones to guide me through those times. I live, no longer in fear of my obstacles, but with excitement knowing that they will pass. Pamela was intensely passionate and patient with my concerns and I will return routinely for her loving and distinctly accurate advice and counsel. ”
– Ashley Fine, Knoxville, TN