“On August 14th, 2012, my world was shattered when my beautiful 16 year old daughter was hit and killed by an impaired driver on her way home from school. In my grief, and desperation to talk with her and know she was OK, I had a session with a “medium” who had everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, wrong.

I had reached out to Pamela prior to this, and when she contacted me back to make an appointment, I told her I would rather not. I was afraid it would make things even worse if I got incorrect information again. At Pamela’s urging, I came to see her. I cried the entire way to that first visit. I talked to my daughter Amelia, and I told her if Pamela got butterfly cake, I would know she was real. When Amelia was 6 years old, I spent all night making her a butterfly birthday cake from scratch. It was one of our favorite memories, and something that was just between us. There is no way Pamela could have known this.

I arrived at Pamela’s home a nervous wreck and so anxious to hear from Amelia and find out she was OK, but scared to death it wouldn’t happen. Pamela instantly made me feel at ease. She told me things that no one could have known. Most importantly she told me Amelia was OK. She had names , specific names not just letters. She described things that had happened. She was even able to describe what happened in the wreck.

When I was getting ready to leave, Pamela asked if I had any other questions. I told her there was one thing I was hoping to hear, but I guessed it wasn’t going to come through. At that point, I had so many affirmations that I truly believed it was Amelia coming through. Pamela closed her eyes and described a children’s birthday party, bubbles, and butterflies. Then she said Amelia had cake all over her. She opened her eyes and asked if I made Amelia a butterfly cake.

Losing a child is the hardest thing in the world, the most painful experience you can go through. I would say that seeing Pamela over these months has helped me at least stay sane. It has helped me to connect with Amelia and know that she is not gone, she is here in a different way. The tears still fall, and the hurt is still there. However, knowing she is OK and not hurt or in pain and that she will be there for me when it’s my time to go is a great comfort and what gets me through my days.

I now see Pamela for myself, through her spiritual apprenticeship program. Through this I am learning to connect with Amelia myself. I trust her and think of her as a friend. I am also in counseling, but I find my sessions with Pamela much more healing than therapy. I come away with every session with a sense of peace and calm. Sometimes it lasts a day or so, and sometimes a week, but it is well worth it. I grew up believing in the afterlife, believing in mediums and that when we die we are still here. Having my child die made me question everything, but my core beliefs are still there.

I know there are many mediums out there that are just after the $$ and they are not real. With Pamela, there is a true concern for her clients to help them heal and get through. I chose to come back to her over and over not because of her urging but because of the way I feel when I leave our sessions. She has never once pushed me to come back or to do more. With that, I will be forever thankful that she recognized the pain I was in and cared enough to help me through this.”
– Amanda Moore, Knoxville, TN / Land O’ Lakes, FL