“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals
himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”
~ Albert Einstein

The Divine Messages Found in Numbers
By Pamela Nine

Each earthly existence occurs for the purpose of evolving and reaching our highest potential. And all around the world signs and messages are being sent out to help guide us in discovering our true life purpose. These profound and distinctive messages are often received in the form of numbers.

It is the belief and teaching of ancient philosophers and well known scientists that the universe - and all it contains - is made up of vibrational energy.

Numbers also retain vibratory energy frequencies, as Pythagoras, the creator of Numerology discovered thousands of years ago. The noted founder of the science of Geometry, Pythagoras, is also credited for being the first person to realize that numbers are the foundation of the universe.

Within the vibrational energy frequencies of numbers, each of us are receiving spiritual guidance and divine knowledge. We are constantly being assisted by the spirit world in our thoughts, visions, feelings, actions and words.

Our Angels and Spirit Guides often use numbers and number sequences to communicate divine messages to us. These profound messages come in the form of numbers we are repeatedly confronted with, and appear on clocks, license plates, sale receipts, billboards and a multitude of other places.

The “Divine Messages” we receive through numbers usually occur during a specific period, time frame or cycle associated with a lesson we are encountering. They are also often the result of a spiritual awakening or prayer confirmation.

Some examples of a Divine Messages from numbers include, when you find yourself glancing at the clock and it shows 11:11 or 1:11 repeatedly over the course of several days; or in the case of being at a grocery store and gas station on two completely separate days, and the change back of the total sales transactions from both equal $1.11. Another example, is to be sitting at a traffic light and discovering that the car in front of you -yet again - displays a license plate with a sequence of number 1's.

The Angels and Spirit Guides are capable of - and do - create these events that may appear to some as mere coincidences. However, many of us have come to know that there are no coincidences and that everything does happen for a reason.

If you too, are in a cycle of receiving Divine Messages from Numbers, you may rest assured that you are one of the many that are being led by spiritual guidance in the process of fulfilling your Divine plan here on Earth.

There is a simple method for gaining insight into the Divine Messages of Numbers that continue to make their presence known in your life. The method used is primarily based on determining the “represented number” theory used in Numerology.

The interpretations of the "Divine Number Messages" listed here have been comprised from many years of searching for my own true life purpose, and from Spirit.

Through service - and an evermore strengthened faith - I have finally discovered what has been with me since my first breath of life. It is none other than my own personal “Divine Number Message” which lies in my birth name - NINE - and, it is also present in the numbers 9 and 1 that continuously greet me, and guide on my path...


• Single digit numbers from zero to nine are interpreted as a unique interpretation of the specific represented number. Example: 1; The 1 is represented for interpretation. Interpreted as: An opening is now available for you to "focus" on your highest aspirations.

• Two, three or more sequences of the same number denotes a magnification of the represented number in interpretation. Example: 444; The 4 is represented for triple magnification of the interpretation. Interpreted as: You are definitely receiving spiritual "guidance" in your life!!!

• Multiple number sequences containing different numbers represents a combined interpretation of each number. Example: 113; The 1 is “double” magnified, and the 3 are both represented for a combined interpretation. Interpreted as: You should intensify "focus" on the matter at hand, and know that your prayers are receiving "response" from Spirit.

• Multiple number sequences can also be added together and reduced for an interpretation of the single digit represented number. Example: 1110; Reduced to a single digit (1 + 1 + 1 + 0 = 3) So, 3 is the single digit represented number for interpretation. Interpreted as: Your prayers are receiving "response" from Spirit.


Keyword: Listen

The 0 represents the omni presence of Spirit. It is a significant sign that your prayers are in place to be answered. It is a reminder that the cycle of the circle is made complete through faith, love and harmony; and to listen and follow divine guidance without delay.

Keyword: Focus

The 1 represents a gateway or an opening for opportunity, and to focus on the manifestation of your highest aspirations. The 1 is symbolic of the unity and divine order in all things. It is also a definite reminder that you are “one” with the love of Spirit.

Keyword: Faith

The 2 represents belief and faith for the bringing of miracles to fruition. It is sign that the presence of Spirit is near and guiding you to your true and divine destination in life.

Keyword: Response

The 3 represents the knowledge that your prayers are heard and being responded to. It is also a message reminding you to “speak to Spirit with your heart” and then to hear the divine response being given to you.

Keyword: Guidance

The 4 represents the reassurance of love and guidance from Spirit. It is in the 4 that comfort is found and worry is lost. A profound reminder that you are always surrounded by 4 directions, and in the presence of eternal love and light.

Keyword: Transformation

The 5 represents a unique symbolism of transformation. A message that with change greater things are obtained, and that spiritual guidance surrounds you through the prevailing transition at hand.

Keyword: Balance

The 6 represents a level of balance that is to be maintained between the physical and spiritual realms. It is a reminder to focus on the inner self in finding harmony and balance for both worlds.

Keyword: Confirmation

The 7 represents a positive confirmation that you are following the spiritual guidance that you have sought, and that miracles occur in the divine order in which they are destined. It is a sign that in your service, miracles may soon come to you. 7 is also regarded as one of the most spiritual numbers.

Keyword: Abundance

The 8 represents the accomplishment you have worked hard to bring to you, is at hand. It is a symbol of confirmation. A sign that you are indeed soon to be rewarded in a spiritual and/or earthly manner.

Keyword: Service

The 9 represents the symbolism of service, for and in the presence of Spirit. It is a message that within your natural abilities lies the destination of your true life purpose. It signifies that through faith and service, healing is received for yourself, for others, and for the universe.

More About How Numbers Relate To Our Life


Numerology was developed by Pythagoras, who is regarded as the founder of the science of Geometry. He is also credited for being the first person to realize that numbers are the foundation of the universe. And while, Numerology is the in-depth study of numbers, it is also known as “the science of divining through numbers.” Essentially, a person’s numerology chart represents the “blueprint” of who they are.

Numerology uses intricate mathematical principles to determine a person’s personality traits, strengths, talents, overcoming obstacles, emotional reactions and inner qualities. By using the theory and basis of numerology one can learn profound insights into their true life purpose and spiritual path.

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