“My teaching is not mine,
but his that sent me”
~ John 7:16

Pamela Nine is a natural-born psychic, intuitive and medium. She inherited her unique gifts from her maternal grandmother and several past generations thereof. Her gifts were discovered at the very young age of five. She feels her life changed forevermore at that point, and her life path was transformed. Pamela has dedicated her life to developing her gifts and more than thirty years to the wellness profession, service and helping others.

Within her work, Pamela uses the term “counseling” rather than the term “reading” which is more commonly associated with psychic and medium work. She views her counseling work as being “in-service” and along with accurate detailed information, she also provides spiritual guidance and support to those who come to her for assistance.

She has helped many find answers to life questions they are seeking. She also serves as a guide for wisdom, insight and knowledge that can improve life situations and further personal and spiritual growth. Her methods are based on personal transformation through self and inner awareness.

Pamela offers Telephone, Personal and Group Intuitive Counseling Session appointments. Over the course of Pamela’s professional career, she has provided thousands of counseling sessions for people all over the world, and from all walks of life. Those who come to her for intuitive counseling include, individuals, couples, teens, other psychics and mediums, professional musicians, artists, authors, athletes,
celebrities, executives and high profile corporations.

During an Intuitive Counseling Session, Pamela accesses her unique psychic and intuitive gifts to work as a “Messenger of Spirit.” Her abilities enable her to receive and convey messages and insights about aura colors, chakra balance, personality traits, issues of mental, emotional and physical health, relationships, career, goals, talents, life lessons, life purpose, spiritual path guidance, and past, present and future life experiences.

Pamela’s gift of mediumship enables her to share information about the presence of angels, spirit guides, spirit guardians, and crossed over loved ones, who bring forth messages from the spirit world. Through her ability to communicate messages of love and hope, to and from souls who have crossed over, she often brings peace and comfort to grieving families. Pamela sees the loss of a loved one, as one of the hardest lessons of the life journey, and considers mediumship work one of the most rewarding forms of grief counseling available.

The experience of having an Intuitive Counseling Session with Pamela, is a positive and productive method of promoting comfort, inspiration and spiritual growth in anyone's life. The sessions also provide a means of teaching that each soul exists for the purpose of learning, growing and attaining further consciousness and spiritual advancement by and through love.

Appointment Scheduling and Additional Information

To schedule an Intuitive Counseling Session Appointment, visit: Counseling Appointments.

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Intuitive and spiritual messages received during Intuitive Counseling

Spiritual Guidance
Career Vocations
Physical Health
Emotional Health
Mental Health
Soul Lessons
Past Lives
Life Purpose
Self Improvement
Personality Traits
Aura Colors
Chakra Balance
Intuitive Awareness

Are you, or someone you know, suffering the loss of a loved one?

Spirit communication through Mediumship is considered to be one of the most rewarding forms of "Grief Counseling" available. Souls in the hereafter welcome the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones and to be able to express special messages and feelings of love. The insightful and intuitive messages received following the crossing over of a loved one brings forth knowledge of eternal life, and is both beneficial and comforting during the grieving process.

If you, or someone you know is suffering the loss of a loved one, Intuitive Counseling for grief may be a means of assistance to help through t
he grief process. To view more detailed information, please visit the page for: Grief Counseling.

Are you seeking divine order and spiritual guidance in your life?

Through Pamela's special gift of helping others, she also offers Spiritual Counseling as a means of assistance and support. During her Spiritual Counseling Sessions she uses her intuitive abilities to assist others in finding the spiritual answers to which they are seeking. Her methods are based on the experience of personal transformation through self awareness and love. She serves as a guide to awaken you to the wisdom, insight and knowledge to improve your life situations and to further your personal and spiritual growth.

The spiritual guidance you will receive from Pamela will not only show you how to make changes within yourself and your life experiences, it will also help you discover the truth and divine light within yourself. To view more detailed information, please visit the page for: Spiritual Counseling.

Client Testimonials

"Pamela has truly dedicated her life's work to God, and the Great Spirit works through her, delivering love, healing, and guidance to those in need."   ~ K Gossett

"From the first reading I received from Pamela I knew she was the real deal! She told me things she had no way of knowing before hand and it was done in a very loving and nurturing way. Her advice is given in such a caring way and helps you move forward on your spiritual journey. I have recommended her to others, as a caring and True Psychic. She has truly been blessed with a gift."  ~ C D Poston

"Pamela gave me the most rewarding session I ever dreamed of having! Not only did she help me with issues in my present life, she was able to make contact with both of my parents who passed away when I was 16 years old. Pamela did not know anything about me, nor did she know my parents were deceased! My very first session with Pamela was several years ago and I have been a devoted client ever since!"  ~ L Davis

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Appointment Scheduling Information

Pamela offers appointments for Personal, Group, Telephone and Skype Counseling Sessions.

ounseling session fees and appointment scheduling information is available at: Counseling Appointments.

For an overview of the process of Pamela's Intuitive Counseling Sessions, visit: Counseling Process Overview.

Counseling Session Appointments with Pamela are scheduled by contacting Nine Wellness at 865-531-9086, or by Email, or visit  Pamela's Online Store.


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“When someone finds their way into your heart and touches your soul, a divine thread is created that connects you to each other forever.”  ~ Pamela Nine



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